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Skemp Syndrome. Back in the early nineties, when all good little roleplaying boys and girls were faithful World of Darkness Junkies, a fella by the name of Ethan Skemp wrote a cute little essay that, in a nutshell, said if you like playing powerful characters, you're a sad, pathetic little loser who's so meek and helpless in the real world that you have to get your validation in the roleplaying world. I suspect it was in response to the endless barrage of letters asking why the WoD statted their supposedly most badass characters so patheticly as was their way. Almost overnight, the roleplaying community pulled a 180, with people bending over backwards to show how totally cool and in control they were in the real world by playing the most mediocre characters they possibly could. Ever since, the popular trend amongst quote/unquote "Real roleplayers" has been to play the most laughably unheroic(Stat-wise) characters they can concieve, and further aggravate this travesty by statting NPCs...established and quite powerfully heroic characters with downright pitiful point spreads, no matter how thinly they must stretch the justification for doing so. I have come to refer to this mentality as Skemp Syndrome, and stand in proud...but sadly, quite futile defiance of it.

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